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For foreign citizens

Educational establishment "Brest State College Instrument

Belarus, Brest, 224020, st. J. Kupala 6 / 1
Phone / fax (+375-162) 44-81-85
Reception (+375-162) 46-17-51
Director (+375-162) 44-83-80
Accountancy (+375-162) 46-25-45
Current account
3604204810009 in Belinvestbank Brest, GF Brest region, MFO 823

The college used a two-tier system of education. At the first level of vocational education are trained in specialties:

  • Electrician to repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, education period - 10 months

  • Electrician on electrical power and lighting networks, education period - 10 months

  • Mechanic-repairer, education period - 10 months

  • Fitter mechanical assembly work, education period - 10 months

  • Insurance agent, term of study - 10 months

  • Technical adjuster, the period of training - 1 year 10 months

  • Turner, period of study - 10 months

  • Fitter of electronic devices, the controller components and devices, education period - 10 months

At the secondary level special education training is carried out both by day and by correspondence courses in the following specialties:
Full-time courses
Specialty: Equipment and technology for electron-tube production. Expertise: electron-tube production equipment repair. Qualifying Feature: Technician.
Term of training - 2 years 3 months
Extramural studies
Specialty: Installation and operation of electrical equipment. Specialization: Installation and technical operation of electric companies and civic buildings. Qualifying Feature: Electrical Technician.
Term of training - 2 years 10 months
For all kinds of educational activities has a state license.

Besides college provides additional services:

1. Training of workers
2. Retraining workers
3. Increasing workers' skills

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